Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thursday Tasters - 20 February: Weekend Away

It's Thursday and time for some awesome writers to give a short taster of their amazing work. It can be a WIP or completed work. So please show some love and leave a comment on their work. It helps and encourages each writer. This week my excerpt is from a WIP Weekend Away Enjoy


Unhappy with her life in reality, Rita, thirty and feeling she is going nowhere in life, strikes up a close friendship with another woman she meets online.

Rita Hayes, dressed in her navy pencil skirt suit finally arrived home to her lonely apartment after a long, arduous day at work. She kicked off her stiletto shoes and flung her jacket over a chair. Tiredness consumed her slender body and all she wanted was to shower and relax.

 Undoing her red hair from the rather bedraggled bun, that always started off the day neatly coiled at the crown of her head but sagged toward the end of each day she shook her head and reflected on her life.

‭Rita’s‬ present supervisor; not the friendliest of characters, controlled  her working day, and she saw no chance of promotion even after ten years of loyalty.‭ ‬The thirty year old felt like she was running round continually on a hamster wheel.‭ 

‭R‬arely going out, not that she had much money anyway when all her bills were paid at the end of each month,‭ ‬Rita turned to activities at home, one of which being cooking. And after the recent nasty split with her boyfriend after finding him in a clinch with her best friend,‭  it had become cooking for one. ‬Rita felt wary about starting another relationship.‭ 

She stood under the shower and let the warm water cascade over her like a healing waterfall that washed away all the troubles of work and made her feel a bit better.‭ ‬Rita let out a weary sigh.‭ “‬I have got to get away,‭” ‬she said,‭ ‬even though she was alone in the flat now.‭ 

After her shower,‭ ‬she wound a toweling dressing gown around her and brushed her long red hair, with droplets of water being soaked up by the towelling.‭ 

Rita put her slippers on and mooched into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich,‭ and pour a glass of wine, Carefully carrying both into the lounge she sank into her favorite‬ comfy chair.‭ On switching her laptop on Rita smiled and her emerald green eyes sparkled ‬with pleasure as she saw a message from Belinda.‭ 

She had been friends with Belinda for the past three years,‭ ‬conversing with her most days through the Internet.‭ ‬Belinda also lived alone,‭ ‬separated from her husband and about sixty miles from Rita.‭ ‬They had laughed and cried through their emails and shared many secrets,‭ ‬but had never actually met. This message was just what she needed.


  1. It's very refreshing and comforting to have a friend connect with us after a dreay day when we don't feel very satisfied with our lives. So with Rita you have shared that bond with Belinda. I'm excited to see how their relationship will develop. I love this phrase: ".running round continually on a hamster wheel.‭" Well-done.

  2. No longer is the term 'message in a bottle' but message from Outlook, but the results are quite the same. Any message carrying an uplifting tone is welcome from a good friend. Sounds like they are planning a get-a-way together and who knows how much, or what kind, of their friendship will morph into deeper feelings. Lovely read; very hopeful read. Friendship holds us together more often than love. xo

  3. Love the description here, how she goes about her rituals but it doesn't seem overbearing and boring. Nicely done.

    Not sure if you knew but there is a mistake in this sentence:

    her lender body

    I think you meant slender.

  4. I loved the mooching into the kitchen! I saw it exactly. :)

  5. Hmmm....sounds like they might be meeting soon. Hope their friendship survives reality. :) Nicely written scene.


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