Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - 4 February: The Cave

Apologies for posting a day late.

Every Tuesday a group of awesome writers chose a picture each to inspire and write a 200 word teaser from. Please support by reading and commenting on their work. This week mine is called The Cave. Enjoy

Acknowledgement Deviantart stock photos Tsabo6

Sunlight followed them in as the couple walked into the enormous cave and surveyed the interior. The rock formation had weathered quite dramatically over ther years and moss had formed everywhere. Water managed to find it’s way in from on high creating a waterfall that fell into a tributary that flowed along to the nearby sea.

“Wow!” Kieron exclaimed in wonder and delight. He waved his arms all around as he looked.“It’s perfect, almost mystical.” He turned to look at Lara. “Come on, hurry up. Let’s go further back.

Lara, however did not seem to share Kieron’s enthusiasm. “I can’t. I’ve stubbed my toe,” she moaned.

Kieron took pity and went to help her.  He put his arm around Lara’s waist and she held on to his shoulder and hopped as he helped her to a suitable place to sit down. She shivered, so Kieron took off his jacket and placed it around Lara’s shoulders and kissed her. She pulled it closer around her. 

“Mmm. I love and would do anything for you Kieron, but clambering over rocks to help you research your latest adventure book is not my idea of fun.”


  1. The devil is in the details and details are in research, as we know. It may not be fun, but...oh, what we do for love. This is like a tight bud, on the verge of opening, blossoming. This could be the beginning of a much longer, great story, Naomi. Well wor th the wait! xo

  2. nice twist in the ending.... well written ... great visuals hugs T

  3. Beautifully written and the ending caught me totally by surprise

  4. I feel he's doing everything well to comfort her. It's too bad she doesn't enjoy his enthusiasm. The mood is set with his discoveries, but conflict surfaces when she tells him she doesn't like this adventure, or maybe too many of them. You have a great conflict brewing to resolve possibly with more adventure in the cave. A great beginning..


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