Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday Tasters - 6 February: The Inheritance

It's Thursday again so that means time for a taste of some awesome writing. A group of writers allow you to sample a short excerpt of their wonderful writing. It may be from a completed work or WIP. So please show some love by following the link, reading and leaving a comment.

Thursday Tasters

This week my taster is from a WIP with a working title, The Inheritance. This is a paranormal story about the life of Frank, a man who with recent werewolf status, struggles to lead as normal a life as possible. In this excerpt, Frank awakens somewhere outside, wondering what happened the previous night. Enjoy.

Frank awoke suddenly,‭ ‬and shifted slightly from the foetal position he was in,‭ ‬aware of damp grass beneath him.‭ ‬He gave a loud yawn.‭ ‬Struggling to open his eyes in the early morning light he shivered,‭ ‬even though the sun was shining directly into his face.‭ ‬Stretching out,‭ ‬he caught an arm on a straggly branch of the overhanging hedge.‭

"Ouch‭!" ‬He exclaimed,‭ ‬withdrawing it again quickly.‭ ‬Then looking down he was dismayed in finding himself naked yet again.‭ ‬Suddenly he felt overcome with fear,‭ ‬trying to remember what had happened the previous night.
Getting gingerly up on his haunches and smoothing down his matted long dark hair,‭ ‬he looked desperately about him for any evidence to help him remember,‭ ‬and to ascertain exactly where he was.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬the only thing was a few smears of blood on his torso,‭ ‬obviously not his own.

‭"‬You all right there son‭?" ‬A deep voice boomed out.

Frank looked up to see who was talking.‭ ‬A weathered,‭ ‬ruddy faced man was leaning over the hedge,‭ ‬looking down on him.‭ ‬Frank reckoned he was a farmer.‭ ‬He quickly put his hands in front of him covering his embarrassment.‭ "‬I...err I lost my clothes.‭"

"Hang on,‭ ‬I've got an old jacket here you can borrow.‭ ‬My,‭ ‬that must have been some argument you had,‭ ‬if she threw you out with no clothes.‭" ‬He passed Frank an old smelly donkey jacket as he continued.‭ "‬But how the hell did you get here‭?"

"I can't really remember,‭" ‬Frank replied quickly,‭ ‬putting the jacket on.‭ ‬He was in no mood for conversation.‭ ‬His only thoughts were of getting back home.‭ "‬Thanks for the loan‭; ‬I'll return it as soon as I can.‭"

"No hurries son,‭ ‬you take care,‭ ‬and I hope you make up with her.‭" ‬The farmer called after Frank as he saw him disappearing,‭ ‬stumbling along a lane.


  1. I could visually see Frank's image as he woke. I'm wondering if he will find his wife home when he returns, the blood possibly explained and from who. I love this beginning. Well written with a wide appeal to the your audience. I am very intrigued to read more of your WIP..

  2. LOL- in all his nakedness. Sorry, found it amusing. Ahem. I enjoyed the internal going on with your character, really put me in his head with him.

  3. left a smile on my face at all the possibilities to where this could go... well written and you could feel his feelings and emotions glad the farmer had in his mind anyway a good explanation as to what this your man was doing out there.... love to see more of this hugs T

  4. Now that's a mysterious snippet that makes me want to know more. :)

  5. I love that he covered his embarrassment.LOL

  6. I haven't read a good werewolf book in a while. I loved this!

  7. Nice job! Poor werewolves... what a hassle those mornings are. ~.<


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