Friday, 8 July 2016

Flash Fiction Friday ~ 8 July 2016:Megan's Choice

It's Friday again and time for a flash. A Friday Flash. A group of awesome writers have a given picture and write a 100 word piece of flash fiction inspired by the picture. Please follow the
Flash Fiction Friday  link to read and enjoy their work. All comments gratefully received.

The cruise was over.

Up on deck Megan looked out toward the coastline, that was just coming into view. A warm breeze caught a lock of her brown hair and blew it across her face partially obscuring the view, and Megan looked anxious. "I don't want this time to end. I've felt so ... safe with you." She smiled up at the man by her side, who'd slipped his arm around her waist.

He brushed the hair away from Megan's face and kissed her. "I love you. And I worry about you living with him. Don't go back. Marry me."


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