Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thursday Tasters ~ 7 July 2016: A Weekend Away

It's that time of the week again.Time for some Thursday tasters, excerpts from a group of amazing authors' excellent work. So follow the links at Thursday Tasters to read and enjoy. A comment is always appreciated too.  This week my taster comes from a WIP A Weekend Away.

Linda is getting close with Judy after a night out

Shh baby.”

Judy felt a bit woozy, and relaxed a little, laying back against Linda, with head nestled on her shoulder. Eyes half closed, Judy's body responded, tingles coursing through it at the butterfly touches of Linda's fingertips, that glanced around her body from the sides to her front.

She flinched a little, startled, as the unfamiliar gentleness of Linda's hand stroked the underside of a breast, cupping and lifting it slightly. She was reassured however, feeling Linda's warm breath and a and soft kiss on her neck.

Oh!.” Judy bit her lip and moaned as a shiver ran down her back. Butterflies seemed to have taken up residence and were flying about inside her stomach as Linda teased her breast with her thumb, occasionally grazing the tip of her nipple.

Enjoy it sweetie.” The words were whispered into her ear as Linda continued to fondle her breast. It grew heavy as her arousal rose and the hard pink nipple zinged, flooding her body with electricity. Judy began to sense the wet warmth welling up inside between edges of Judy's thighs, and her lace panties began to feel damp against her skin. She barely noticed as Linda's other hand moved slowly down her front and started stroking them.

Mm,” she purred as Linda slipped a finger underneath the lace and touched her wet lips. She felt totally comfortable, and pressed her body against Linda's soft plump breasts. She parted her legs more, allowing Linda a better access to her pussy.

Happy baby?” Linda asked softly.

Oh, yes, wonderful.” Judy turned her head to the side in order to give Linda a kiss, however Linda kissed her first. Their soft lips bumped first and she nibbled on Judy's bottom lip, and her tongue traced the edges of her mouth before she planted a soft, caring kiss on her lips. Judy felt her lips being pried open as Linda darted her tongue in.


  1. Great tease, Naomi. Wonderfully sensual.

  2. This is a very sensual scene. I love your descriptions. Your words flow like poetry. I am anxious to read how this scene progresses.

    1. Thank you so much, Pablo for such a lovely comment. More next week

  3. I was starting to think that this was never going to happen. So good.


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