Friday, 21 February 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 21 February: Reassurance

It's Friday again and time for a group of awesome writers are given a picture prompt and allowed one hundred words only to write a flasher. Please support their work by encouraging with a comment. It means so much. This week mine is called Reassurance Enjoy


Susie?” Reece called out.

“You found me, then,” came the reply.  The voice was familiar to Reece but she never turned around.

“I was worried. I heard about ...”

Susie cut his sentence short. “I saw no reason for you to hurry back. With sadness she touched her cheek.

Gently turning her he studied  Susie’s face, and kissing her reassuringly before drawing her closer to him. “Don’t ever worry sweetheart.” He kissed her lips. “True, I am a glamour photographer, but that’s just work with models. Your scar does not change anything  You’re the woman I love.”


  1. Aw. I hope she believes him. Very sweet flash. :)

  2. Scars are only signs that we have been through something and survived to live yet another day with those we love. Some scars are beautiful, some horrifying, some invisible. It is how we see our own scars that matters, whether they are visible to others or not. I suspect he sees only love, as it should be. Lovely, Naomi. xo

  3. Tender and beautiful - and concerned with true beauty. True affection and love.

  4. True love. You introduced sensitive characters in very few words :-)

  5. So sweet and loving, for her as she is, his love holds no bounds. Beautiful flash. :) I want to know more! :)


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