Friday, 7 February 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 7 February: Fallon

It's Friday and that means time for a flash. Several awesome  writers have a given picture to find the inspiration for a one hundred word flasher. Please show them some love by leaving a comment. This week mine is called Fallon Enjoy


Acknowledgement: Pinterest picture

Tears stained the fair cheeks of Fallon’s face as she fell down, hair strewn, crying. Realizing that she didn’t  belong,she felt so unhappy. Expectancies were too much. All she longed for now was Connor and home.

The others had persuaded Fallon to have a tattoo. Maybe she could love it’s beauty but what mattered was the others did not seem to care about how much the needle would hurt her fragile skin. Trust was  broken and she had run away.

“I heard your call,” a voice suddenly said. “Please come back with me to the fae community.”


  1. So sweet and painful, but redeeming. This photo beautifully evokes a faery~tale and you did it superbly....!!! xo

  2. Nice beginning for a fairy tale. I can see how a tattoo would hurt a fairie. Will she go back to the community?

  3. nicely portrayed , emotional and lovely hugs T

  4. This does indeed feel like the opening to a modern-day fairy tale... I'd love to read the story that follows!

  5. I loved this story, and I hope she goes with him to the fae. :) I want to know more of what happens. Does she go with him? Awesome flash.


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